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Fun2ride Electric Mopeds


Fun2ride has introduced a range of 12 electric mopeds.


Fun scooters are ready to go on UK roads (age restriction of 14 years) and are classed as bicycles.  This means No road Tax, No licence required, Insurance not legally required and Low running costs.


Fun bikes require little maintenance and are competitively priced from 399 up to 649 depending on model.


Fun bikes are restricted to 15mph making them road legal (some can be unrestricted to 30mph for off-road use).  The 36V lead acid battery powers a 200W (Fun10 250W) motor which takes 2 to 8 hours to charge from a standard mains plug.


The motor comes with 1 year warranty and other parts 3 months warranty.  Fun bikes are available in a range of colours with a well stocked spared department.



Price: 399 to 649

Range: Up to 30 miles

Battery: Lead-acid battery

Top Speed: 15 mph (30mph unrestricted)

Charge Time: 2 to 8 Hours

Warranty: 3 months


Dealer Details:

Tel: 0208 133 22 22